Go Green with Samsung Blue Earth Phone!

Samsung has come up with an innovative mobile phone which is powered by solar energy and is totally eco-friendly. The phone features the look of a rounded pebble a solar rear panel that, Samsung claims, the users can always count on. For those of you who are worried about rainy days, the Samsung Blue Earth phone includes a DC charger which is good enough to sail your Titanic calls to safe shores during rainy days. The phone is touch driven and looks absolutely great. Take a look here.
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5 Reasons to Avoid MTNL's 3G Mobile Services!

mtnl 3g jadoo service review

– It’s called Jadoo. MTNL employs some of the worst marketing freaks ever known to the mankind. Their mobile phone services are called Dolphin and Garuda and stuff like that. Now go out there in a high profile business conference and tell them you’re using Jadoo 3G services. I dare you!

– It’s Rs.5 for a mega byte of data transfer on their 3G/GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA based services. They promise you a speed of about 384 kbps if you’re on the move and about 2.5 Mbps if you don’t move your ass much and stay calm. No complaints about the speeds as such. But the 5 bucks per MB of data transfer is enough to push up my blood pressure. Mind you there are no unlimited data transfer packages on their tariff list.

– Video calls are supposed to be charged at Rs. 1.8 p.m (intra network) and Rs. 3 p.m (inter network). Sounds fine? Ask the customer care if the data transfer involved in video calls is charged separately, to which an answer should be no, and they’re clueless. They’ll get into robotic modes and repeat the whole God damn tariff for you. They don’t know what data transfer means, no sir. No way! So it’s scary to use video calls as I might be sent an inflated bill by the end of the month.

– The 3G network services are only available in New Delhi’s MC areas and the NCR region of Gurgaon. MTNL promised it would launch the 3G services in the entire Delhi region and that’s what they claim when you get your connection but the gravity of the situation is tells a different story. One you zoom away from the 3G enabled region you’re greeting by the what-the-heck-is-3G towers.

– MTNL’s top of the hill-top claims that it’s 3G network is highly reliable and top notch are simply a fantasy. If you’re lured by those full page ads and you end up really subscribing to MTNL’s 3G services a.k.a Jadoo 3G then God help you. I personally regret my decision to sign up for MTNL’s 3G services. I’m now waiting for Airtel’s 3G services to launch in Delhi. I’m eager to switch to Airtel blindly. At least they’ll be better than MTNL!

Watch streaming TV on Tata Indicom!

watch tv on your mobile phone

Tata Indicom has launched the ‘streaming TV on your mobile’ service in India. The service is available to all Tata Indicom prepaid and postpaid customers. The service currently offers 25 streaming channels to the subscribers. These include news channels, entertainment channels and some regional channels as well.

As per Tata Indicom’s official website only Motorola V3C (RAZR) subscribers can avail this service. Now that’s something both weird and stupid. I believe Tata Indicom is offering the live streaming TV feed using a Java based application which should be compatible with almost all modern phones with Java. The application for this service has been developed by a company called Apalya. The company also offers a similar service on other cell phone networks. The pricing has been set at Rs. 15 for 5 minutes.
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Reliance GSM in Chandigarh

Reliance GSM recently had a soft launch here in Chandigarh. Reliance is the first private telecom operator in India to offer mobile services on both CDMA and GSM networks. Reliance GSM is currently offering connections at dirt cheap prices. A new pre-paid connection can be purchased for Rs.25 and you’ll need to buy an e-recharge for Rs. 50 which shall activate your connection. As per the introductory offer you’ll get Rs.10 worth of talktime every day which you have to consume the same day. The tariff plans Reliance has come up with are very similar to the ones being currently offered by major mobile service providers in the region such as Airtel, Vodafone and Idea.

I picked up a Reliance GSM pre-paid connection today. Reliance boasts of a 3G ready, congestion free network which will be superior to it’s competitors. I haven’t been able to make a single call and all I seem to hear is ‘This network is currently busy‘. It’s evident why Reliance hasn’t put up large hoardings about their presence in the region. They’re currently testing and deploying their network. If you need to make a call you’ll only get across after 15-20 re-dial attempts.

What I’m really looking forward to is the 3G services from Reliance GSM. I hope they’ll be good enough to chalk out decent data plans.
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Nokia 5800: Another iPhone killer?

nokia 5800 prices in india comparison buy sell second hand brand new

She is finally here! Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic is Nokia’s latest entry into the world of modern touchscreen phones. Earlier nick named ‘The Tube’, the Nokia 5800 is sure to impress a lot of people in India. Does it kill the Apple iPhone dream in India? Come let’s find out!
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MTNL Launches 3G Services in Delhi!

mtnl 3g mobile service launched

MTNL has become the first 3G carrier in India by launching 3G mobile services in Delhi today. 3G spectrum auctions in the country have been a messy affair in the past. MTNL 3G services are titled ‘MTNL 3G Jadoo’! The 3G services will be available only to premium customers at first. They’ll have a trial period before they can subscribe to the 3G service. I don’t really understand what they mean by ‘premium customers’.

MTNL’s network is however not quite ready as yet. Currently only New Delhi MC areas and the NCR area of Gurgaon are covered by their 3G network. Motorola is setting up the core network infrastructure for MTNL. MTNL’s Chairman and Managing Director has said that 3G coverage would be complete in Delhi in about a month’s time. The services are expected to be launched in Mumbai in the next two months.

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Tata Indicom CyberPass!

tata indicom cyberpass value added services

I came across this new service from Tata Indicom called CyberPass while paying my bill for a post-paid mobile connection. That’s because they can screw post-paid subscribers with billing. CyberPass is a value added service exclusively for Tata Indicom wireless post-paid subscribers. It’s an array of value added services powered by Tata Communications. Existing Tata Indicom post-paid subscribers can register for CyberPass service easily here.

The most striking feature I noticed was that it allows users to access Tata’s dial-up internet access, broadband internet access and Wi-Fi internet access across the country. Very intelligent and useful indeed for someone like me! You can use their dial-up internet access across the country, you just need to plug-in a telephone cable. For broadband access you just need a pre-installed broadband connection, like a friend or a relative’s place. Wi-Fi is the most useful feature. Though it’s coming soon, as per Tata, the service would disable registering and buying packages.

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