Microsoft Support For Surface With Windows RT

Microsoft Surface Support

Microsoft is reportedly going to support Surface with Windows RT for another four years. This includes Windows RT installations on tablets and PCs from other OEMs as well. This should clear the air for a lot of people who were earlier clueless about Microsoft’s support policy on the initial Surface tablets running Windows RT.
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Moving From Gmail To Outlook


I still remember the good old days when Gmail was exclusive. I had a hard time getting an invitation to experience the next generation of webmail. What can I say – it wasn’t just me. Everyone and their dogs wanted to try out Gmail.

Over the years, and this happens with most of the technology products, Google hasn’t really been innovating in terms of a great user experience with Gmail. The interface is cluttered, the spam filters are so strong that some of my important mails end up there and it hasn’t received half the attention that it deserves from Google in terms of development.
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100,000 Apps on Windows Phone Marketplace

windows phone

More than 100,000 apps have now been published in the Windows Phone Marketplace and new content is currently being added at the rate of 313 apps per day. At the time of writing, 100,145 apps have been published. Of these, 26,493 were added in the last three months and 9,391 were added in the last month. These apps come from just over 23,825 different publishers.

Some very interesting insights on the Windows Phone marketplace here. It’s a no brainer that the more apps you have, the more your ecosystem would prosper. Microsoft might just be on it’s way to give a tougher fight to the exploding Android phone market. Why do I call it that and not the smartphone market? Well, the smartphone market is pretty huge. Surely Apple leads the way here but then the Android phone segment makes up it’s own little world. A world filled with people..err phones of all sizes and shapes and variable capabilities. I’m guessing this is where Microsoft wants to strike first rather than poking at Apple fanboys directly.

Of course, something is better than nothing.

Zune is dead. Officially.

microsoft zune

[quote_left]“Zune is a big investment for us,” Bill Gates, Microsoft’s chairman, said at the time, adding, “It’s a vision that will carry us forward for years.”[/quote_left]Microsoft Zune is officially dead. Not that anyone still cares but it was once supposed to take on Apple’s iPod to conquer the portable music player industry. And I’m not making this shit up.

I’ve tried using Zune once and it felt like a brick in my hand. It was heavy and almost felt like a weird and obese version of the iPod classic. Microsoft couldn’t build the iTunes-like ecosystem to back it up and Zune failed to make it into consumers’ pockets. The device failed and so did the whole ecosystem built around it. Microsoft is going to call it’s new music service Xbox Music.

Some devices die and some live forever. There’s nothing much we can really do about it. As for Zune, may it rest in peace.

The New Bing!

new bing

The new Bing looks pretty useful. Microsoft claims that with the new Bing you’ll be ‘spending less time searching, more time doing’.

Doing what? Asking friends on Facebook, blocking annoying friends who’d ask you random search queries a search engine couldn’t satisfy and many more. Anyways I’ll still be using the default search engine on my web browser (Google for now). However search is still broken somewhere, social might be the first step in solving it, definitely not the final one.