Startups and Success

startups and success

What happens to most of the startups you don’t get to hear about? What happened to that little app you signed up for and then forgot? There may have been several different reasons but the most common answer is – they gave up. It’s very easy to start a new company, work on new ideas and expect an overnight success. But then overnight success is just a myth.

[quote_right]It is easy to give up and let go when it’s not working out. So why not?[/quote_right]Nothing happens overnight. Not unless you break up with a dear girlfriend, get drunk and hack the campus network to produce a viral application. Even in Mark Zuckerberg’s case it wasn’t an overnight success story. It was months and months of sheer hard work and brilliant team spirit that eventually led to Facebook’s success.

The same can be said for almost all top industry movers and shakers. Steve Jobs is a classic example of how hard work, creativity and passion for building great products can lead to success in the long term, Bill Gates didn’t always get it right the first time.

As for startups, Chris Dixon mentions, ‘Angry Birds was Rovio’s 52nd game’ and that the new upcoming social content curating site Pinterest wasn’t initially very popular with its users. Same is the case with most major startups. You work harder and harder, day by day and make your products more usable and kickass for your users, only then you end up tasting success. You have the option of giving up in the middle of the journey but it’s not recommended.

Windows Phone 7 – My Latest Crush

Thanks to my cousin, I finally got my hands on a Windows Phone 7 device today. He recently bought a Samsung Focus smartphone and upgraded to Mango. I decided to play around with the device for some time and do a little experiment of my own. I told myself I would look at it from an end user’s perspective who is simply a casual smartphone user. Given that the user does have a prior exposure to both iPhone and Android based phones.
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My Interview with Tablet and PC

tablet pc interview

Everyone’s talking about tablets and PCs and how one of them might not survive in the near future, I decided to go a step further and interview each of them. It was not an easy job at all but someone had to do it. Here’s me, the tablet and the PC.

Me: Ever since Apple launched the iPad, there has been an explosion of tablets in the market. There are so many of them now and almost everyone is coming up with their own tablets. We’ve heard that Amazon is going to launch it’s own family of Android based tablets? I’d like to get your views on this.

Tablet: First of all, thanks for inviting me. Secondly, who the heck are you? I’m way to cool for this, I like to be on TechCrunch and stuff you know. People see me here and my value might drop. Anyways I do charity at times too. Yes there has been an explosion of tablets in the market and this is the way it’s going to be until we completely terminate PCs from this planet.
PC: *coughs* Well hello guys! I may be a little old but that also makes me a lot more mature. I know everyone is talking about the tablets now and there’s a lot of them out in the market but we still kick their butt when it comes to usage and presence. There are still more PC owners than there are tablets.
Tablet: That won’t really stay like that very long, you know.
PC: We’ll see, son.
Tablet: Hey! Quit calling me son.
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Microsoft buys Skype. Now what?

skype microsoft buyout

Unless you’re living inside a cave (or a large luxury compound) you must be aware of the news that Microsoft has bought Skype. The deal which went through today would cost Microsoft $8.5 billion. The official announcement is expected very soon though. Apparently the all cash deal is the largest in the history of Microsoft. Facebook and Google were also deeply interested in buying Skype. Microsoft seems to have walked away with the booty and it does sound like a great deal, although it may be too pricey. However Facebook will still get to dip it’s beak into Skype as Microsoft is an investor and a friendly one too.

If we look at what Microsoft could do with Skype, there are plenty of good things to come. Apart from everything else, I’m really interested to see a Skype and Kinect mashup. That would be something really cool. Apart from that Microsoft can really think of kicking some butt using Skype when it comes to competing with Google Voice and Apple’s Facetime.

As for me, I’m expecting frequent updates and security patches for Skype, deeper integration with Microsoft Windows operating system and enterprise level products integration. Another point everyone is still discussing is the price tag, it does seem a bit too much but Microsoft has set it’s eyes on something huge here and let’s see how they can make the most of it. As for Skype’s employees, I wonder how many of them quit tonight.

Why a less expensive iPhone makes sense?

iphone mini

From putting a personal computer in every home to placing a smartphone in every pocket, Apple has come a long way. Steve Jobs is now all set to give people a taste of what an expensive iPhone really feels like – with a cheaper, most probably stripped down version of the iPhone. The new cheaper iPhone, or what everyone is calling the iPhone Mini, is expected to be much smaller in size and with lesser jaw dropping specifications. With Android sales topping the charts all over, it’s time for Apple to explore the less-expensive-phones market.

The smartphone wars are about to get hotter. Nokia recently married Microsoft to save itself from becoming the Titanic of the mobile phone industry. And why not, it has struggled to keep pace with the ever growing iPhone and Android sales across the globe. Nokia CEO’s memo, which was leaked a little while ago, clearly explained that the Nokia boss has realized that the iceberg may have already hit them. Nokia will openly embrace Windows Phone 7 series and it expects to grab a market share soon enough.
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Worldwide Project Natal Launch in October

project natal launch

The cat is out of the bag. Microsoft is all set to launch Project Natal this October. The big news is that Microsoft is planning on a worldwide launch of it’s controller-free Xbox 360 experience. Apparently Microsoft’s Saudi based marketing manager Syed Tariq has revealed in an interview with a gaming portal that Microsoft is gearing up for an October launch, well in time for the holiday season.
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5 Must-have Free Apps from Microsoft

1. Insomnia

Annoyed of your Windows 7 PC going to sleep while you’re downloading a big file or performing an operation in the background? Here’s a neat solution. Insomnia is a free application that will keep your computer from going into sleep mode while you finish your important tasks on your Windows 7 PC. To get back to the normal mode all you need to do is close the program window and that’s it.

insomnia free app

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2. Virtual PC

Virtual PC enables you to run various different versions of Windows operating systems on your desktop. It’s the driving technology behind the popular Windows 7 XP Mode which allows you to run Windows XP in virtual environment to enable apps that you won’t be able to run on Windows 7 or other purposes.

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Microsoft Launching Zune-like Phone?

microsoft phone

Microsoft has always maintained that their main goal in the mobile phone world has been software. Apparently things are going to change pretty soon with the word being out that Microsoft is all set to launch a Windows Mobile 7 based mobile phone in the coming few months. If this is true then Microsoft’s much talked about ‘Pink‘ project might be back in the groove. The Microsoft phone might debut at Mobile World Conference during February next month or at CTIA, Las Vegas later.
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