Zune is dead. Officially.

microsoft zune

[quote_left]“Zune is a big investment for us,” Bill Gates, Microsoft’s chairman, said at the time, adding, “It’s a vision that will carry us forward for years.”[/quote_left]Microsoft Zune is officially dead. Not that anyone still cares but it was once supposed to take on Apple’s iPod to conquer the portable music player industry. And I’m not making this shit up.

I’ve tried using Zune once and it felt like a brick in my hand. It was heavy and almost felt like a weird and obese version of the iPod classic. Microsoft couldn’t build the iTunes-like ecosystem to back it up and Zune failed to make it into consumers’ pockets. The device failed and so did the whole ecosystem built around it. Microsoft is going to call it’s new music service Xbox Music.

Some devices die and some live forever. There’s nothing much we can really do about it. As for Zune, may it rest in peace.

The New Bing!

new bing

The new Bing looks pretty useful. Microsoft claims that with the new Bing you’ll be ‘spending less time searching, more time doing’.

Doing what? Asking friends on Facebook, blocking annoying friends who’d ask you random search queries a search engine couldn’t satisfy and many more. Anyways I’ll still be using the default search engine on my web browser (Google for now). However search is still broken somewhere, social might be the first step in solving it, definitely not the final one.

Startups and Success

startups and success

What happens to most of the startups you don’t get to hear about? What happened to that little app you signed up for and then forgot? There may have been several different reasons but the most common answer is – they gave up. It’s very easy to start a new company, work on new ideas and expect an overnight success. But then overnight success is just a myth.

[quote_right]It is easy to give up and let go when it’s not working out. So why not?[/quote_right]Nothing happens overnight. Not unless you break up with a dear girlfriend, get drunk and hack the campus network to produce a viral application. Even in Mark Zuckerberg’s case it wasn’t an overnight success story. It was months and months of sheer hard work and brilliant team spirit that eventually led to Facebook’s success.

The same can be said for almost all top industry movers and shakers. Steve Jobs is a classic example of how hard work, creativity and passion for building great products can lead to success in the long term, Bill Gates didn’t always get it right the first time.

As for startups, Chris Dixon mentions, ‘Angry Birds was Rovio’s 52nd game’ and that the new upcoming social content curating site Pinterest wasn’t initially very popular with its users. Same is the case with most major startups. You work harder and harder, day by day and make your products more usable and kickass for your users, only then you end up tasting success. You have the option of giving up in the middle of the journey but it’s not recommended.

Windows Phone 7 – My Latest Crush

Thanks to my cousin, I finally got my hands on a Windows Phone 7 device today. He recently bought a Samsung Focus smartphone and upgraded to Mango. I decided to play around with the device for some time and do a little experiment of my own. I told myself I would look at it from an end user’s perspective who is simply a casual smartphone user. Given that the user does have a prior exposure to both iPhone and Android based phones.
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