Hey 2011! Where are the flying cars?

man on moon

2011 is here. I look outside the window from the second floor and I see no flying cars or anything resembling shiny flying objects. They’ve been promising this to us for ages now. I demand all science fiction writers, future predicting pundits and gurus to be taken out of their comfortable penthouses and made to answer my one little question – is this the future?
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A Smartphone in every Indian's pocket

smartphones in india

Indian telecommunications industry is a King Kong when it comes to statistics. I don’t really need to speak in numbers to tell you how big it is and at what phenomenal pace it is continuously growing. Just for the record, there are a little over 628 million telephone subscribers in the country (including landline and mobile phones) as of March 2010. It’s the second largest telecom network in the world and second largest with respect to wireless connections. We’re even set to take on China by outnumbering them in in terms of telecom subscribers by 2019.
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Own an Apple iProduct? You should know how it's really made.

apple factory at china

Are you a proud owner of an Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod or a Mac? Or are you considering buying one? Well you should know how and where your Apple products really come from. Mind you this is not another e-mail forward I’m posting about, it’s real and it’s pretty darn serious too.

To start with Apple outsources all it’s hardware manufacturing to a company in China. It’s more economical for Apple to design the product in America and have it manufactured in bulk at a factory in China and then get it imported back to America rather than manufacturing it’s hardware right inside America. Apple outsources all it’s hardware assembling to a company called Foxconn in China.
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Hands-on iPad Gaming Videos

The folks at Slide to Play have released some hands-on gaming demos on the Apple iPad. The videos showcase games such as Need for Speed Shift, NOVA, Scrabble and Super Monkey Ball 2 on the iPad. Gaming is destined to get even better with the big screen version of an iPhone. As you all know by now that almost all iPhone apps will work for the iPad. However games and apps optimized for the iPad would be so cool thanks to powerful processing, big multi-touch screen and an array of popular games.

Here you can see the Need for Speed Shift on an Apple iPad. It’s not an optimized version for iPad but it still looks pretty solid.

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Apple iPad Launched!

apple ipad photo

The magic of Steve Jobs returned today as the coolest techie revealed the much anticipated Apple tablet. Apple iPad is officially the new tablet from Apple. It’s very close to what we all had expected from Apple with quite a few surprises here and there and no major letdowns I must say! Dressed in his trademark black top and jeans along with sports shoes, Steve Jobs looks healthy as the last time we saw him.

Apple iPad features a high resolution multi-touch screen which is a LED-backlit IPS display. iPad is powered by a 1 GHz Apple designed chip. It’s thin, it’s light and it’s uber sexy. It includes a 10 hour battery life which is quite sufficient. iPad also includes 801.11 n WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR and 3G. You can play games, watch movies, read e-books and what not! Steve Jobs did surprise everyone as far as the pricing goes, iPad is priced at $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB model.
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Google Voice app for iPhone & Palm WebOS

Google has today released a mobile web app for both Apple iPhone and Palm WebOS. The new Google Voice app makes use of HTML5, an upcoming technology which will make it possible to run rich web applications right inside a web browser.

Using the new Google Voice app on your iPhone and Palm, you’ll be able to access a streamlined display of your Google Voice inbox as well as your outbound called ID. Google Voice shall also enable you to send and receive free text messages from your iPhone or Palm device or even make discounted international calls at dirt cheap prices.
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Now Make Free Video Calls From Your Mobile

Now you can make free video calls from your mobile phone using Fring. The company claims its the world’s first mobile video calls over internet service. It makes use of the Fring app along with Skype to enable users to make free video calls using their mobile phones. Using the latest version of the Fring app you can make and receive video calls from your mobile phones for free! I’ve been using Fring (via WiFi) on my E63 and it’s a brilliant little app I must admit.

However the video feature is currently supported to a limited Nokia phones apart from Apple iPhone. These include X6, N97 mini, N97, 5800, N95, N95 8G and N82. Fring claims the new video calling feature will be available on other major platforms soon including Android.
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iPhone OS 4.0 Features Are Out!

It seems like iPhone OS 4.0 features are already out, thanks to the good folks at BGR. Apple iPhone OS 4.0 is all set to come out and is believed to be a close companion, if not the same thing, to the OS used by Apple in their tablet a.k.a iSlate. There’s also a report that Apple might be naming it’s tablet iTablet instead of the much talked about iSlate. Anyways that’s a different discussion, as of now some of the iPhone OS 4.0 features which have been confirmed include;
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Amazing IPL Mobile Apps Coming Soon

ipl 2010 mobile appsIndian Premier League(IPL) is all set to make a comeback for a fresh season this year. IPL is currently holding player auctions for the various member teams. Lalit Modi, the man behind the highly successful IPL, has claimed on Twitter that IPL is all set to launch mobile apps that Modi says are ‘quite amazing’. IPL is already a money making machine and with the launch of mobile based applications Lalit Modi has hit bull’s eye. Modi is a clever man and he knows how important mobile apps are in today’s scenario. With a country where cell phones have overtaken landline connections, Modi’s idea of launching cricket based mobile phone applications could turn gold.

The applications will be shortly launched and will be available on IPL’s official website IPLT20.com. Modi hasn’t revealed much on whether these IPL mobile apps will be based on iPhone, Android, Symbian or all these popular platforms. I hoping to see some T20 cricket games along with IPL integration, some social media powered applications, live scores etc. IPL is surely headed for big times in 2010.

It’ll be interesting to see how IPL’s mobile apps are marketed. I’m sure Modi would rope in mobile service providers for distributing these applications. The pricing factor will also be something that could prove to be a major factor in the popularity of these mobile apps. It’ll be more India centric and we Indians love free stuff. Free apps would be downloaded millions of times! How about a dedicated app store? I don’t really think that’s a possibility since Modi won’t be targeting thousands of mobile apps. It’ll be interesting to see as to who’s actually developing these applications for IPL.
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Next-gen iPhone Coming This April?

fourth generation iphone

Alright Apple iPhone fan boys here’s a scoop. Reports have it that Apple is indeed coming out with a next-generation iPhone and it might debut as early as April 2010. KT, an exclusive iPhone provider in South Korea, has it’s officials claiming that the Apple iPhone next-gen will feature an OLED screen, a removable battery and video chat apart from other enhancements in software and hardware.

A report in the Korea Times claims that the new iPhone will include a dual-core processor, powerful graphics and an even more powerful camera. In case Apple really bundles it’s new device with dual-core processing capabilities, it might hit the 2 Ghz mark using the much anticipated Cortex-A9 processor design from ARM. Now, is Apple going to take a shift from Google’s superphone to powerphone for it’s latest iPhone? Well time will decide!
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