My Interview with Tablet and PC

tablet pc interview

Everyone’s talking about tablets and PCs and how one of them might not survive in the near future, I decided to go a step further and interview each of them. It was not an easy job at all but someone had to do it. Here’s me, the tablet and the PC.

Me: Ever since Apple launched the iPad, there has been an explosion of tablets in the market. There are so many of them now and almost everyone is coming up with their own tablets. We’ve heard that Amazon is going to launch it’s own family of Android based tablets? I’d like to get your views on this.

Tablet: First of all, thanks for inviting me. Secondly, who the heck are you? I’m way to cool for this, I like to be on TechCrunch and stuff you know. People see me here and my value might drop. Anyways I do charity at times too. Yes there has been an explosion of tablets in the market and this is the way it’s going to be until we completely terminate PCs from this planet.
PC: *coughs* Well hello guys! I may be a little old but that also makes me a lot more mature. I know everyone is talking about the tablets now and there’s a lot of them out in the market but we still kick their butt when it comes to usage and presence. There are still more PC owners than there are tablets.
Tablet: That won’t really stay like that very long, you know.
PC: We’ll see, son.
Tablet: Hey! Quit calling me son.
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Own an Apple iProduct? You should know how it's really made.

apple factory at china

Are you a proud owner of an Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod or a Mac? Or are you considering buying one? Well you should know how and where your Apple products really come from. Mind you this is not another e-mail forward I’m posting about, it’s real and it’s pretty darn serious too.

To start with Apple outsources all it’s hardware manufacturing to a company in China. It’s more economical for Apple to design the product in America and have it manufactured in bulk at a factory in China and then get it imported back to America rather than manufacturing it’s hardware right inside America. Apple outsources all it’s hardware assembling to a company called Foxconn in China.
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Hands-on iPad Gaming Videos

The folks at Slide to Play have released some hands-on gaming demos on the Apple iPad. The videos showcase games such as Need for Speed Shift, NOVA, Scrabble and Super Monkey Ball 2 on the iPad. Gaming is destined to get even better with the big screen version of an iPhone. As you all know by now that almost all iPhone apps will work for the iPad. However games and apps optimized for the iPad would be so cool thanks to powerful processing, big multi-touch screen and an array of popular games.

Here you can see the Need for Speed Shift on an Apple iPad. It’s not an optimized version for iPad but it still looks pretty solid.

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How Much Does The iPad Cost To Apple?

Ever wondered how much does the iPad cost Apple? How much is their margin? Well as per a report from iSuppli, the Apple iPad costs about $229 for the 16GB (without 3G) model. The 64 GB Apple iPad costs about $317 which includes Bill of Materials (BOM) and manufacturing cost. The report’s estimates are based on hardware manufacturing costs alone and do not consider marketing, development and additional expenditure.

ipad cost to manufacture
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iTablet is all what an iPad couldn't be!

itablet ipad alternative

Still shy on buying Apple iPad due to non availability of USB ports, multitasking etc.? Well here’s a slick alternative to Apple’s iPad. X2 Computing, a UK based company, has launched it’s own tablet device called iTablet. To define the device I’d say imagine an iPad with USB ports, multitasking, a choice of OS and the icing on the cake is HDMI. Sorry, still not compatible with outer space. What else do you want from a tablet?

iTablet will start shipping as early as April 2010. It comes in 10.2 inch widescreen TFT display as well as a 12.1 inch widescreen XGA display. The company claims multi-touch would be optional. Now that’s a little weird. Along with it comes an array of standard features which are common with Apple’s iPad like slim design, on-screen keyboard, view in portrait or landscape mode.
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Apple iPad – Who will buy it?

apple ipad deviceNow that Apple iPad is finally out of the bag and it’s all over, it’s time to count the people who will buy it. Apple iPad captured the imagination of tech pundits and enthusiasts from all across the globe when it had not launched. Everyone was speculating on everything that there was about the Apple tablet. Now we know what Apple iPad is really capable of and why fan boys like me want to buy the Apple iPad right now, it’s interesting to see who all would really buy the new iPad device. Here’s the type of people I think you’re most likely to buy Apple iPad!

Oh and by the way I am buying it as well!

The Apple Fan boys

They buy everything and anything Apple! Of course that’s why they’re called Apple fan boys. These bunch of geeks already have their rooms stocked with all kinds of Apple products. They keep an eye out for anything Apple is coming up with and the moment it’s out they’re right there to get it. See those people waiting outside Apple stores for days before any product comes out? Yes they’re the ones. They’re already checking the cash right now in their wallets to buy the new iPad device. Apple is a religion for them and why not, after all Apple does have a really cool line up!
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Why I Will Buy Apple iPad?

apple ipad 1

It’s not a netbook

Apple iPad is a tablet. The reason Steve Jobs chose not to venture into netbooks is because he felt netbooks are worthless. Although I don’t totally agree but then iPad is not a netbook, it’s a tablet and it is zillion times better than any slick netbook out there. I’m not comparing the iPad with netbooks in terms of performance or computing power here, I’m talking about the package called iPad. When you buy an Apple iPad you’re not just buying a tablet, you’re buying a package with Apple goodies! Apple iPad is indeed a platform for Apple to serve content in a way that’s uber cool to access for the user.

Apps and the App Store

Steve Jobs explained in his keynote that iPad will include an App Store by default. Now it’s true that iPad will go the iPhone way (App store) here, similar to the way the iPhone went the iPod way (iTunes). In addition to the made-for-iPad apps that will evolve in the coming times there’s a whole lot of applications that are compatible with Apple iPad, about 140,000 to be precise, that you can use from day one on your Apple iPod. What’s got me more excited about apps on the iPad is that with a larger screen, iPad will serve as a platform for more powerful apps that could do a whole lot more given iPad’s capabilities. Gaming will be something to watch out for. Social networking apps will get even more useful. What not?!

apple ipad apps

It’s a Tablet dear!

Apple iPad has everything that we speculated about. Probably more than that! A 9.6 inch multi-touch LED backlit screen, accelerometer, awesome iPhone-like user interface, thin size, no wonder Apple has labeled iPad as it’s most revolutionary device. But then all of Apple’s devices are that way, isn’t it? From first glance I came to the conclusion that iPad is just a bigger, meaner version of an iPhone. But it’s certainly not, iPad is way ahead. Even in the tablet standards it is way ahead of anything I’ve seen so far! It’s even got iPod functionality! May be it’s got to do with the way Apple markets it’s products but then Apple has just started! Also Apple iPad comes with WiFi and a separate version for 3G. Of course there are no unlocking issues here since the device is sold unlocked to allow global access to 3G networks.

Who needs an e-book reader?

Sometime back I considered purchasing Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader. I thought it would be a cool way of reading e-books. Call it my good fortune that Amazon doesn’t directly sell it’s Kindle devices here in India. With Apple iPad I won’t need any separate e-book reader device. Apple has partnered with major publishers to offer one click downloads and a neat interface to read books on it’s iPad. The new iBooks store will be to books and magazine what iTunes was for music lovers. Pretty cool!

apple ipad price


Tech pundits can sometimes go wrong as well. Everyone has projected Apple iPad price to be around $600-1000. Steve Jobs left the audience gasping for breath when he revealed the price for iPad. The Apple iPad prices start from an amazing $499 for 16 MB version, $599 for 32 GB version. Both of these come with WiFi. The 64GB Apple iPad is priced at $699. The ones with 3G are slightly more expensive.

What are your views? Will you buy an Apple iPad? Please post your comments.

Apple iPad Launched!

apple ipad photo

The magic of Steve Jobs returned today as the coolest techie revealed the much anticipated Apple tablet. Apple iPad is officially the new tablet from Apple. It’s very close to what we all had expected from Apple with quite a few surprises here and there and no major letdowns I must say! Dressed in his trademark black top and jeans along with sports shoes, Steve Jobs looks healthy as the last time we saw him.

Apple iPad features a high resolution multi-touch screen which is a LED-backlit IPS display. iPad is powered by a 1 GHz Apple designed chip. It’s thin, it’s light and it’s uber sexy. It includes a 10 hour battery life which is quite sufficient. iPad also includes 801.11 n WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR and 3G. You can play games, watch movies, read e-books and what not! Steve Jobs did surprise everyone as far as the pricing goes, iPad is priced at $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB model.
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Apple Tablet Event – Liveblog

apple tablet liveblog

The Apple Tablet is just moments away from a glorious launch. If you’re looking for up to minute relevant updates, photos and videos from the event you can stay tuned to this page. No I’m not attending the event myself but I am following loads of live feeds on the web as well as Twitter feeds in real-time. I’ll post only relevant information as and when it’s revealed on this page. Stay tune!
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