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  • How Much Does The iPad Cost To Apple?

    Ever wondered how much does the iPad cost Apple? How much is their margin? Well as per a report from iSuppli, the Apple iPad costs about $229 for the 16GB (without 3G) model. The 64 GB Apple iPad costs about $317 which includes Bill of Materials (BOM) and manufacturing cost. The report’s estimates are based […]

  • iTablet is all what an iPad couldn’t be!

    Still shy on buying Apple iPad due to non availability of USB ports, multitasking etc.? Well here’s a slick alternative to Apple’s iPad. X2 Computing, a UK based company, has launched it’s own tablet device called iTablet. To define the device I’d say imagine an iPad with USB ports, multitasking, a choice of OS and […]

  • Apple iPad – Who will buy it?

    Now that Apple iPad is finally out of the bag and it’s all over, it’s time to count the people who will buy it. Apple iPad captured the imagination of tech pundits and enthusiasts from all across the globe when it had not launched. Everyone was speculating on everything that there was about the Apple […]

  • Why I Will Buy Apple iPad?

    It’s not a netbook Apple iPad is a tablet. The reason Steve Jobs chose not to venture into netbooks is because he felt netbooks are worthless. Although I don’t totally agree but then iPad is not a netbook, it’s a tablet and it is zillion times better than any slick netbook out there. I’m not […]

  • Apple iPad Launched!

    The magic of Steve Jobs returned today as the coolest techie revealed the much anticipated Apple tablet. Apple iPad is officially the new tablet from Apple. It’s very close to what we all had expected from Apple with quite a few surprises here and there and no major letdowns I must say! Dressed in his […]

  • Apple Tablet Event – Liveblog

    The Apple Tablet is just moments away from a glorious launch. If you’re looking for up to minute relevant updates, photos and videos from the event you can stay tuned to this page. No I’m not attending the event myself but I am following loads of live feeds on the web as well as Twitter […]