Exclusive: Interview with Stutee Nag

splitsvilla 2 contestant stutee nagSo what made you participate in MTV Splitsvilla 2?
- Whenever i would watch MTV, i would feel the urge in me to be there one day. I felt that I belonged there. Not here, sitting and watching. So with this I in mind I chose to be at splitsvilla.

What’s your idea of a ‘twisted tale of love’?
- Well, I believe when its love its simple. It can not be crooked and it cant be twisted.

Who is your favorite contestant on the show and why?
- Ashutosh was my favourite contestant on the show because he has a heart of gold. Unfourtunately, he did not last long here but with the kind of attitude towards life that he has,, he’ll go to places.

Apart from yourself, who is the other person on the show you’d love to see winning the show?
- if I do not win the show, i’ll definitely want Ritika to win. She is innocence personified.

Money, fame, men. Arrange them in order of priority.
- fame>money> men. fame leads to money and money and fame together lead to…..’its raining men’….lol

If you’re given a chance to modify the format of the show, what is the one thing that you’ll change and one new thing you’ll introduce to the show?
- I believe the show has been desgined real good and I have nothing to offer.

What are your views on the upcoming General Elections in India and whom will you vote for?
- well, i am really looking forward to these very elections in particular. After i turned 18, this is for the 1st time i’ll participate in general elections at the centre (provided I am back ). well who i vote for is a secret.

Any career plans in showbiz?
- Why not ? i am open to all the options now… lets see what future has in store for me. I got a platform and now its the time to leap.

Did you watch the first season of Splitsvilla?
- yes, i did watch season 1. But I had no idea at all that i’d sitting there itself in the season 2 lol.

Any last words for your fans?
- the amount of faith and the trust that i see in you, has me overwhlemed. I hope and try that I never let you all down. I never say that i am the prettiest here, all i say is that i am beautiful… and so are you.

Stutee Nag is a contestant on MTV’s popular show Vodafone Splitsvilla 2. The show features 9 boys and 9 girls in a twisted tale of love. Splitsvilla 2 is Raghu Ram’s second most popular reality show on MTV apart from MTV Roadies.