Facebook's New Design Is Coming Soon

Facebook is now working on a redesign that should come out some time in 2010. Facebook is still working on the new design which shall hopefully increase usability and simplify the user interface. The world’s largest social network (now 350 million users) has a track record of continuously improving itself to suit it’s users requirements. Facebook has been conducting surveys on it’s site and carefully evaluating users feedback on their Facebook Lite design. Most of the new design features are inspired from Facebook Lite. Someone recently tipped off Om Malik of GigaOM about Facebook’s redesign. Let’s take a look at how the Facebook redesign looks so far.
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How To Crop Images in WordPress 2.9 Image Editor

WordPress 2.9 features a built-in Image Editor which provides basic image editing features. Now it’s not rocket science to use the Image Editor in WordPress 2.9 but somehow the image cropping feature didn’t work out for me initially. What happened was I didn’t know to use it properly. Apart from the other functions such as flipping images, scaling etc. the image crop in the editor works differently. Once you go through this tiny article you’ll discover how silly you and I have been not being able to use image cropping in the WordPress 2.9 editor.

Here’s how it’s done;
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WordPress 2.9 – All you need to know to upgrade

The wait is over. WordPress 2.9 is finally out! WordPress version 2.9 Carmen is named after jazz vocalist Carmen McRae. WordPress 2.9 brings about another milestone in the evolution of the most loved open-source blogging platform present in today’s time, WordPress. If you’re a blogger and you’ve been there for some time you probably know how cool WordPress is, you’re probably using one too! WordPress 2.8 brought about major improvements in the performance area while WordPress 2.9 is believed to bring out cosmetic enhancements and some really cool features apart from major bug fixes and updates.

So let’s take a look at what all you need to know to upgrade to WordPress 2.9. There’s nothing much to know about and you might have already upgraded to the latest version (thanks to automatic upgrades) but you might like to go through the new features or troubleshoot section.
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Presenting The Google Phone: Nexus One

google-phoneJust when you thought Google was everywhere, here comes the Google phone called Nexus One. There were rumors of a Google phone doing rounds across the tech communities until now it has been confirmed that Google phone is indeed for real. It’s called Nexus One. The phone will be built by HTC. The phone will be sold online and, don’t start jumping on your chair, will be unlocked. So there you go, no contracts, no mess. The phone might resemble the current HTC Passion phone.
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Facebook's New Privacy Settings Are Cool

facebook privacy status messageFacebook has recently come up with new privacy settings for all it’s users. In the recent 24 hours it has implemented the new privacy controls across all users you have signed in by taking them to the settings page right after they logged in. I have always been a fan of Facebook’s privacy features. It’s something no social network cared about, a simple yet very important feature, privacy.

Facebook’s new privacy controls are an added advancement to their existing set of privacy features. Implementing privacy across a set of 350 million users who have their own different requirements is not an easy job. Facebook has gone the right way by letting you take full control of all your content on Facebook. Now you can control everything from photos to your status messages, you’re in charge of the who-sees-what world.
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16 Really Cool Things in Windows 7 Beta!

1. Problem Steps Recorder

This is one major troubleshooting tool that could prove to be heavenly for those poor chaps at technical support. A software developer’s nightmare turned into a chocolate dream. Problem Steps recorder has been introduced by Microsoft in Windows 7. It records the steps executed by the user which is quite useful for troubleshooting. Although it may seem like just another screen capturing program but this nifty tool records those smooth moves that go behind the scenes as well.

2. Windows Aero Shake

Shake seems to be the buzz word. First it was Apple’s iPhone then it was Sony Ericsson’s Walkman phones with the shake feature and now Windows Aero dances to the shake tune. When you have several windows open on your Windows 7 desktop and you want to minimize all others while keeping one window active, you simply point your cursor to the title, hold the cursor and shake it using your mouse. Whoa!

3. Taskbar

The all new improved Windows 7 taskbar is one of the major visible cosmetic changes Microsoft introduced with Windows 7. I find the taskbar quite useful and enhanced as compared to Windows Vista. You can easily switch to the Windows Vista type taskbar easily. You can pin programs to the taskbar, arrange them, check out recent activities for a particular program, full window preview and lots more. A very handy feature indeed.

4. Windows Themes

Somehow I really like the themes in Windows 7. Being a developer I used to hate themes no matter what. To me a better performing system is right on the top priority when compared to a better looking one. I’d rather have an ugly desktop filled with chaos rather than shiny mountains or fishes dancing around on the desktop eating away all my system resources. But Windows 7 somehow changed me. I’m having zero performance issues (with themes installed) as compared to the same amount of system resources I used in Windows Vista. I also like the one click theme installation in Windows 7.
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Windows 7 Beta: What all is new?

Kernel: Microsoft’s Windows 7 beta includes an enhanced kernel as compared to it’s predecessor Windows Vista. Windows 7 is supposed to include the MinWin kernel Microsoft demonstrated earlier last year. It’s clear that Windows 7 supports parallel processing capabilities, which will be implemented as .NET 4.0.

windows 7 beta review sensors

Sensors: Windows 7 includes a new facility called Sensors which can be used for broadcasting your location to your friends, letting programs know about your location to enable them to offer customized content. This may raise a few privacy-concerned eyebrows but this facility, like other useless stuff, can be shut down.

windows 7 beta review user account control

Improved User Account Control: Microsoft introduced the User Account Control feature with it’s Windows Vista operating system. It has been completely transformed from a buggy monster to a well mannered functionality. Now you have four different notification options for this feature. You can either turn off notifications completely or you can choose to be notified at various levels when a program tries to install or make changes to your computer.
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