Contest – Design a Tee for

design tshirt contest

Here’s your chance to unleash your creativity and win some goodies from us! We’re giving you a chance to win some exciting prizes. All you have to do is come up with a cool, funny and creative design for a t-shirt and send it to us. If we select your design you get to win goodies and we get to put your design on some t-shirts and wear them. You’ll also get a t-shirt along with your own design (if you win of course).
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Review: Bohemia's Da Rap Star

bohemia da rap star music album reviewPunjabi rapper Bohemia’s most awaited album Da Rap Star has finally been released worldwide. This is Bohemia’s second official release in India after the earlier album Pesa Nasha Pyar introduced the sensational Punjabi rapper Bohemia to the nation and it’s his third release worldwide. Da Rap Star comes right after Bohemia’s Bollywood performances with Akshay Kumar, probably the right time to release an album. Bollywood playback can really get you a lot of recognition across the globe. Da Rap Star has been written and produced entirely by Bohemia himself. This is something I like about the dude. The expectations are at an all time high especially after Pesa Nasha Pyar blew my mind away . Not only me but a whole lot of Bohemia’s fans are looking forward to the album. It’s been a real long wait for all of us. Let’s get in and check out the album.
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Design a Symbol for Indian Rupee

design a symbol for indian rupeeA couple of days ago Sukhi from my college posted on Facebook that he’s designing a symbol for Indian Rupee. Of course I didn’t take it seriously. I told myself it could only be true if Sukhi’s father works for the Reserve Bank of India and decided to give his son a place in history or Sukhi has some really deep connections with the Government. Either way I would have never thought that it was the Ministry of Finance which is holding a contest for designing the symbol for Indian Rupee.

It’s true that Sukhi was indeed designing a symbol. You can also do the same. The Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Affairs (sounds flashy right?!) is holding a contest called Symbol for the Indian Rupee. All major currencies in the world have a symbol. It’s just that we’ve woken up right now. All you have to do is come up with a design and submit it.

Five entries will be shortlisted for final submission. The selected designers would be paid INR 25,000 each on giving a presentation to the jury. One person whose design is finally selected will be rewarded with INR 250,000. Now that’s a very sweet amount of money up for grabs. Check out the official guidelines here.

Recharge Vodafone Pre-Paid Online

Being a lazy geek I have always made the best of technology while making sure my lazy bum is as comfortable as possible. So lazy that going to the nearest retailer for a pre-paid top-up seems an uphill task. I used the Axis Bank online recharging facility which failed most of the times. Then they took the service off the shelves, never to return.

While Airtel launched online bill payments a long time back, they have still haven’t done much about online pre-paid recharging. They do have a mobile payment processing system up which is a tie-up with mChek but it’s butt ugly. Seriously!

recharge vodafone prepaid mobile online
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Order Prints Online in India and Abroad

Now you can order prints online using, a new service from the courier company Overnite Express Limited. There’s no need to worry about running from pillar to post to get your practical files, project reports, documents, newsletters, photos, posters, certificates, booklets etc. printed in no time and delivered next business day anywhere in India.
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How to Watch TV Online?

watching mtv india online

I’ve tried a lot of tools and utilities for watching TV online but sadly none of them worked for me. Recently I came across another AnyTV Player and decided to give it a try. There are two versions of the program. One is paid and supports certain TV channels which are locked in the free version of the software. The free version is easy to download and install.

Using the free version you can watch thousands of TV channels online along with some radio channels as well. I tried watching some Indian TV channels and it really worked well. You’ll need a broadband connection to watch these TV channels online. I’m using a 256 kbps connection but I’ll recommend you use a 512 kbps broadband connection for optimal performance. You can download the player here.

Go Green with Samsung Blue Earth Phone!

Samsung has come up with an innovative mobile phone which is powered by solar energy and is totally eco-friendly. The phone features the look of a rounded pebble a solar rear panel that, Samsung claims, the users can always count on. For those of you who are worried about rainy days, the Samsung Blue Earth phone includes a DC charger which is good enough to sail your Titanic calls to safe shores during rainy days. The phone is touch driven and looks absolutely great. Take a look here.
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Watch streaming TV on Tata Indicom!

watch tv on your mobile phone

Tata Indicom has launched the ‘streaming TV on your mobile’ service in India. The service is available to all Tata Indicom prepaid and postpaid customers. The service currently offers 25 streaming channels to the subscribers. These include news channels, entertainment channels and some regional channels as well.

As per Tata Indicom’s official website only Motorola V3C (RAZR) subscribers can avail this service. Now that’s something both weird and stupid. I believe Tata Indicom is offering the live streaming TV feed using a Java based application which should be compatible with almost all modern phones with Java. The application for this service has been developed by a company called Apalya. The company also offers a similar service on other cell phone networks. The pricing has been set at Rs. 15 for 5 minutes.
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New Song by Zeest: 100 Rupai

Zeest has released their second song titled 100 Rupai on their official website. Zeest topped the popularity charts in the Indian-subcontinent underground music scene with their previous track BC Sutta. The new single is believed to have been postponed for quite a long time. It is available for a free download at Zeestmania.

The track doesn’t include any profanity as expected. The lyrics are good and the music is simple. A decent track for the current economic slowdown across the globe. A song that fits the situation we’re into right now.

Link: Download