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  • 5 Ways I Use Live On Campus

    We recently relaunched Live (laiv) On Campus in a brand new avatar. The new version shall cater to a global audience with over 50+ countries to start with. It’s fast, easy and fun. One of the most frequently asked questions about the product is what are the different ways one can use our application. The […]

  • Live On Campus Introduces The Wire

    Bringing campus living to life, The Wire is now live and provides a unique experience and insight into college content.Most people choose one college but are always curious about life at other schools. Live On Campus allows a person to indulge their curiosity and live vicariously through the content from other campuses. Live On Campus […]

  • A TV Show on Startups: TechStars

    Reality TV is all set to kick ass. That’s right these are words coming straight out of a geek’s mouth. This is something I’ve always imagined to produce some day. A reality show (officially documentary-reality series) based on technology. And what better way to look for a theme than to involve startups. So what’s the […]

  • Buzzingaa: Buy Posters and More

    Are you looking around for some cool posters for your room or office? Well look no further. There’s a hot new startup in town selling posters and cool merchandise on the web and it’s called, wait for it, Buzzingaa! Selling posters online is a totally new thing as far as the Indian e-commerce scene is […]